As this concern was raised in several places already, I would like to announce that the RPM Fusion free repository is published since few days for Fedora 22.

At this time, only the free section is available, but it's also there for armhfp at the same time as i686 and x86_64. (no aarch64 but that's can be a secondary step if I manage to have a builder).

It's only a rebuilt for f21 packages made for f22. Several f22 specific updates will be pushed progressively.

If you previously had installed the rpmfusion-free-release for f22, but miss the updates for any reason, maybe you will need to re-install the release package or verify previously modified configuration files.

I'm still working hard to get the infrastructure migrated to Koji/distgit and it's unlikely that the migration process will be finished in time for f22 GA, but at least it will be possible for users to install working packages and for package maintainers to provide the needed bugfix updates for f22.

If you can help fixing FTBFS package for f22, please see the bug tracker for f22.