vlc-2.1.0-pre1 available for fedora on x86 and ARM

The first pre-release version of the new vlc 2.1.x branch is available for fedora 18 users.

This realease has seen a lot of license changes for certains modules from GPLv2+ to LGPLv2+.

Others main changes for Linux are: Core:

- Audio core rewrite
- Add an audio fingerprinter


- Support for libopus
- Hardware acceleration improvements


-high10, high422 and high444 encoding support in h264


- Various improvements in DASH support
- HTTP support for Internationalized Domain Names
- Add support for VNC/rfb in view only mode
- Add support for Remote Desktop/RDP in view only mode

Specifically for the ARM build:

- Various NEON optmizations
- OpenMAX IL Videout output

This package is a rebuilt form the version already available in RPM Fusin for Rawhide/Fedora 20. I will made vlc 2.1 available for Fedora 19 as a regular RPM Fusion update once stable.

The build are available in my kwizart-testing repository for i686, x86_64, arm and armhfp for Fedora 18 only for now.

$ sudo yum install vlc --enablerepo=kwizart-testing

You can eventually report a bug on the RPM Fusion bugzilla tracking Rawhide if needed.