What's going on with RPM Fusion ? Well... it's here for fedora 24!

Just few words to say that a fully fonctional repository has been published for fedora 24. It is available for all primaries architecture (x86_64, i686 and armhfp).

I was browsing the web and I've found that this question: "What's going on with RPM Fusion ?" was already asked in early 2008. About 6 months later, the RPM Fusion project released an additonal repository for Fedora 8. We are now 8 years later and what is going on more particularly is that we are at the end of our transition to our new infrastructure.

So if you need to contribute some packages here, you will be please to see that "rfpkg" (RPM Fusion frontend to rpkg) is available to clone and push content into our git repository . The content is then automatically forwarded to our github public organisation if you prefer to contribute or review packages from here.

We also have a dedicated github organisation for the infrastructure tasks. You can find ansible playbooks used to deploy koji, pkgdb or others component of the infrastructure. There is still work for everthing to settle, but if you want to get involved, please see the related information for Contributors or for Users