RPM Fusion is near 10 years old

10 years ago, one of the internal root Certificate Authority was generated for the project. The infra wasn't production ready yet, but few months later there was support for Fedora 8. One of the earlier message from the developers mailing list.

At that time, the idea to form a community shaped against Fedora was to bring people to work together on the same complementary repository for the distribution. Remember how Fedora started ? So this is still one root of the project.


1. Le mardi, septembre 26 2017, 11:33 par LeslieS

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J'utiilse Fedora depuis sa conception. Un bon parti de mes programmes provenant de RPMFUSION.
C'est dommage que les liens (/etc/yum.repos.d/rpmfusion*) ne sont pas inclus par défaut dans les dernières versions de Fedora, même s'ils ne sont pas activées.

Thanks for the reminder and for RPMFUSION.